Law Office Nashville, PLLC

Law Office Nashville, PLLC, is a full-service civil law firm owned and operated by Attorney Sean R. Richardson.  Mr. Richardson is a Vanderbilt Law graduate who is experienced in civil litigation, business law, contract negotiations and disputes, entertainment law, family law, personal injury, criminal defense and more. Mr. Richardson founded Law Office Nashville with the intention of expanding high-quality legal services that he and his colleagues provide in Nashville, Tennessee.  Law Office Nashville can help you or your business if you are being sued or if you need to sue another company or individual, or if you are starting a business or contracting with other parties.  Law Office Nashville can also help you with with divorce or child custody needs, criminal defense, and probate matters as well.

Prior to starting Law Office Nashville, Mr. Richardson worked for a civil litigation law firm named Tune, Entrekin & White, PC.  He graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville, which was ranked #15 nationally at the time of his graduation.  While in law school, he worked for a federal judge doing both criminal and civil work, and also assisted a preeminent scholar of international law at Vanderbilt by editing one of her elite law journal article submissions. Sean has written three major law-related articles himself, including one that has been downloaded many times on the SSRN research network.

Law Office Nashville offers you excellent oral and written argumentation skills, and strong advocacy for clients, giving measured and thoughtful advice and guidance for many different legal situations. Law Office Nashville is on the verge of expanding its business, and the firm has availability to schedule a consultation with you in order to evaluate your case and help you with your legal issues in Nashville.  We appreciate your visit to, and hope that you will schedule a legal consultation with us today!

Lineage and Excellence in the Law

Law Office Nashville was inspired in part by Mr. Richardson's great grandfather, who was at the time the youngest judge to sit on the bench in New Haven, CT, after studying law at Georgetown University Law School.  Mr. Richardson's grandfather also had a law-related career, and traveled around the globe for the United States State Department before settling down in Washington D.C.  Mr. Richardson's parents made the mistake of settling for medical careers, but Mr. Richardson decided to revive the family legacy of excellence in legal matters by studying law at Vanderbilt and starting his own firm.

Mr. Richardson and his staff love meeting with clients and finding ways to assist them with their legal needs in Nashville. He came to Nashville for law school, but realized that the very high quality of life here makes it an excellent place to settle down and to start a firm. He is very proud of his Vanderbilt Law degree, and looks forward to hiring recent graduates of Vanderbilt to work for him at his law firm in the near future.

Contact Us Today!

Law Office Nashville bills reasonable fees for legal services, and charges on an hourly or contingency basis depending on the type of case.  Legal fees for attorney services through Law Office Nashville must be paid at least in part up front, and balances must be kept current.  Contact us today by phone at (805) 689-1392.